Woman creating pottery represents balance with medication.

Medication Management

Along with thorough and integrative approaches to psychiatric medication management, our prescribers work together to achieve a therapeutic balance for each client’s needs.

Couple holds hands.

Individual, Couples, & Group Therapy

Our outpatient providers provide medication-free approaches to help you navigate challenges you are facing to promote balanced mental health.

Two women drink coffee.

Psychological Testing

A neuropsychological evaluation assessment of brain function, cognitive processes, and behaviors.These tests are designed to help us fully understand how to help you.

Father and daughter bake after seeing a family therapist.

Family & Children’s Therapy

Our goal is to support parents as they explore different parenting techniques that can increase wellbeing and promote mental health.

Woman plays guitar in music therapy session

Music Therapy

Music can help sooth anxiety, ease depression, and encourage growth. Express yourself with music therapy. 

Man in EMDR therapy session

EMDR Therapy

EMDR Therapy encourages patients to reprocess past memories and recover from trauma, PTSD symptoms and more. 

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