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Psychological Testing

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A neuropsychological evaluation is a psychological assessment of brain function, cognitive processes, and behaviors. This involves an interview with a clinician, as well as some standardized assessments. The goal is to determine a pattern of cognitive strengths and limitations in order to understand more about how your brain is functioning. These tests are applicable to people of all ages, and they can cover things like intelligence, motor functions, sensory processing, executive functioning, memory, and language processing, to help us help you.

A key part of this process is finding the right provider. Our diverse team includes psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, counselors, and nurse practitioners in Needham and Norwell.

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We are a multi-disciplinary behavioral health service committed to helping people with personal, social, and professional growth. We’ve been proudly serving patients of all ages and walks of life for over 30 years, and our team has extensive experience in providing quality services.

Conditions We Can Treat with Psychological Testing

Neuropsychological evaluations can be a very powerful tool in diagnosing things like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), learning disorders such as dyslexia, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Concussions, and more. They help us understand your needs and determine next steps.


Will My Insurance Cover Neuropsychological Testing?

Most insurance companies require that patients have exhausted all other resources before funding a psychological or neuropsychological evaluation. For more information about your coverage, we recommend calling your insurance company’s member services and asking them directly.

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