TMS Testimonials

What Clients and Clinicians are Saying About TMS Therapy at Dana Behavioral Health

Shared with permission
Shared with permission

“My depression has improved! I’m feeling more optimistic and able to function at a higher level than before treatment. [The Dana Behavioral Health staff] was exceedingly pleasant and professional, as well as encouraging, throughout.”

“I would recommend this therapy to others for whom standard treatments have not elicited optimal results. Especially, if adverse to medication-based interventions. I put my faith in the staff and am pleased with the outcome.”

“The TMS Coordinator is personable and delightful, as well as knowledgeable with her equipment, and I am having both OCD and [depression] treatment on the same day. The room is warm and inviting and the chair is most comfortable.”

“Within a few weeks I noted a marked difference in [my patient’s] mood, in her facial expression and posture. She carried herself straighter, she appeared happier, smiled more. She reported feeling better. She reported ‘deciding to say yes’ to things that she previously had no interest in.”

“Following the completion of [my patient’s] TMS treatment she reported feeling that it was worthwhile for her to do and that it had brought positive change for her. I would absolutely consider recommending TMS treatment to other clients that struggle with chronic, persistent depression, and for whom medication management has not historically been effective.”

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