John Sciatter

“I’ve never even imagined being so comfortable in a mental health setting before; I am so unimaginably thankful! I’ve been in many different mental health clinics and private practices. It is blessing this group accepts MassHealth patients… Great healthcare for our community!”

Brooke Morgan

“Dana Group was recommended to me by my PCP, who has wonderful feedback from other patients… everyone has been nothing but respectful, professional and very attentive when it comes to my care and my kids care. I would highly recommend this practice to everyone.”

Alexandra Orlandi

“My psychiatrist is the best I could have ever imagined having. I feel comfortable and cared about. The receptionists are usually easy to talk to.”

Robert Grant

“I attended Dana Group since 2018, and this placed saved my life! It was the first time, after a devastating life event, I looked around for professional services, and I have now been mentally better for two years! I gained so much from Dana Group.”

Angela Curry

“I have been seeing Dana Group for over a year. I am very satisfied with my progress. My therapist has been very caring and supportive, and also insightful into the source of many of my issues. I have a lot of work left to do, but I am confident that she will be able to…